Free Fuel For Ambulances In AP And Telangana: Reliance Industries Ltd.

Thousand of positive corona cases are being reported in both the Telugu states every single day.In this context, some of the hospitals are running out of beds and oxygen.Against this backdrop, the governments of both the Telugu states are taking various measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.People from Andhra Pradesh are approaching Hyderabad hospitals for better treatment.

 Free Fuel For Ambulances In Ap And Telangana: Reliance Industries

A large number of ambulances are going to Hyderabad from Andhra Pradesh every day.

On seeing this, Reliance Industries has extended its helping hand to both the Telugu states in the wake of the second wave of coronavirus.Reliance Petrol Banks announced that they will provide free fuel to ambulances involved in covid relief operations in both the Telugu states.In the letter, issued by the concerned authorities, they said, Reliance industries decided to provide a maximum of 50 liters of fuel per day free of cost to the ambulances involved in the covid relief services.

 Free Fuel For Ambulances In AP And Telangana: Reliance Industries Ltd.-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

They mentioned in the letter that they would continue this till June 30.Recently, Reliance industries donated 80 tonnes of liquid oxygen to both the states.

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