Covid-19: A Milder Third Wave Is Likely In Dec, Centre Chides Maha About Low Testing

Mumbai, Nov 24, : Rajesh Tope, AMaharashtra Health Minister, has warned that while the state is likely to be hit by the third Wave of the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic by December, it will be mild here on Wednesday.
The minister’s statements came just a day after the Centre had criticized the state for a dramatic fall in testing rates – from 2.69 crores per day in May, to just 98,000 now in November.

 Covid-19: A Milder Third Wave Is Likely In Dec, Centre Chides Maha About Low

Ranjit Bhushan, Union Health Secretary, stated that in the districts of Akola and Buldhana as well as Buldhana and Buldhana, Buldhana and Dhule, Buldhana, Buldhana, Buldhana, Buldhana Hingoli, Nandurbar.

Washim, Yavamal, and Amravati, the testing rate was lower then the WHO’s 140 tests per million.

Minister Tope stated that the potential low impact of the third round would be due to the high vaccination rate achieved by the state over the past few months.

Tope stated that more than 80 percent of the state’s eligible populations are vaccinated.He also said that the vaccination drive has played an important role in reducing the spread of Covid-19.

He also said that immunity and antibodies are built in youth and that despite the possibility for a third Wave, mild attacks would not require extensive ICU care or medical oxygen.

Tope has nevertheless urged the Centre for greater vaccination coverage, urging it to include children aged 12-18 years as a priority.

Topea’s statement is significant given his meeting with Mansukh Mandaviya, Union Health Minister in New Delhi.

Mandaviya suggested that Mandaviya consider the idea of administering vaccine booster doses before the third Wave.

The first Wave of Covid-19 came in 2020, followed in early-2021 by the second Wave.The third Wave could hit next month.

However, there are no shortages of vaccines in the state, which currently has surplus stocks.






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