China Again Threatens To Take Taiwan By Force If Necessary

China continues to threaten to forcefully take Taiwan via force if it is necessary

Beijing 10 August : In the midst of ongoing tensions over Taiwan, China on Wednesday once more threatened to take over Taiwan’s Democratic self-governing island with military Force if needed.
“We will pursue our work with the utmost sincerity and make every effort to achieve peaceful unification,” dpa news agency quoted an article in a white paper about the Taiwan issue released by the Chinese government as saying.

 China Again Threatens To Take Taiwan By Force If

“But we do not abandon the recourse of Force and we remain in the position of taking any necessary measures.The use of Force is the last resort in exigent circumstances.

We will only be compelled to take drastic measures in response to the retaliation of separatist forces or other external forces if they ever violate our red lines.

“Let there be no doubt that we will not tolerate any external interference in Taiwan We will stop any attempt to separate our nation and we will join to be a powerful Force for national unity and renewal.

“The historic objective of unifying our country must be achieved and will be realized,” it said.

China has repeatedly issued similar threats in relation to Taiwan in the past.

The tensions that have been brewing in recent days were brought on last week by a trip to Taipei by Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi who was there despite Beijing’s ferocious opposition.

To counter, China launched war games with live-fire drills in six areas of maritime around Taiwan.

The Chinese leadership has a strong stance against official contacts from other nations with Taiwan since it views Taiwan as a an integral part of its own territory.

Taiwan however has always regarded itself as an independent country.