Authorities Find The Cause Of The Bhoiguda Fire Accident!

Authorities find the cause of the Bhoiguda fire accident!

Gandhinagar police have expedited their probe into the March 23rd Fire accident at Bhoiguda in Secunderabad.Authorities, with the help of the Clues team, are investigating the cause of the fire in the warehouse.

 Authorities Find The Cause Of The Bhoiguda Fire Accident!

Clues team collects details with electronic 3D scanner.After examining the evidence obtained from the place where the electrical boards and fuses were installed in the lower part of the warehouse, the officers noticed that one of the fuses installed in the electrical box was missing.

Authorities initially said the blaze was caused by a warehouse fire.The electric box in the warehouse was moved to the forensic lab for further investigation.

Police have already arrested the warehouse owners in the incident.Officials from five departments, including electricity and fire safety, are investigating the incident.

Eleven Migrant workers were killed in a tragic accident in Bhoiguda on the morning of March 23.A young man who survived the accident is currently being treated at a hospital.

The fire broke out due to an electrical short circuit in the warehouse.The scrap on the spot was burnt.

Fire safety officials initially determined that the spread of the fire was exacerbated when a gas cylinder in the room caught fire.Authorities said those inside could not get out as the blaze was spreading and there were iron stairs to go down.