Anandayya Is In Danger, Says KA Paul

Leading Christian preacher and Praja Shanti party chief KA Paul has made sensational comments on Anandayya.He said that Krishnapatnam Anandayya, who was making anti-corona medicine, was in danger.

 Anandayya Is In Danger, Says Ka

Paul said that Anandayya, himself, has said this to him.He said that is why he has approached the Supreme Court on the issue of distribution of anti-corona medicine.

“I have spoken to Anandayya and Sampath Raj.However, both said they were currently in danger.They said the police were continuously being with them in the name of security.” He held the government responsible if anything happens to Anandayya.He said, “Everyone must come together to protect those who are suffering for us.” It is already known that KA Paul stood by Anandayya from Krishnapatnam.

Speaking in a video, recently, he alleged that private hospitals were charging high fees for corona treatment.Paul outraged saying that his mother had died due to the negligence of private hospitals.

Paul said that millions of people are dying on daily basis in India due to the covid outbreak.He said that Anandayya is a boon for people in these corona times.

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