YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Govt On Formation Of New Districts

AP Chief Minister Jagan does not like to compromise on any issue as it seems to be declining.Do not step back in any case.Many controversial decisions are being implemented.No matter how much each party criticizes Jagan’s decisions, Jagan is not going anywhere.

 Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy Govt On Formation Of New Districts-TeluguStop.com

The Telugu Desam Party, the main opposition party, is looking for shortcomings in every little thing that the YCP government is doing and is making protests and concerns about it.Seems to be active on the field with perpetual dharnas without leaving any small matter.The YCP has been making efforts to narrow down the government in new ways from time to time.The Jana Sena is also criticizing the Jagan government.

Pawan Kalyan continues to make allegations against YCP leaders.The BJP is also cracking down on the YCP in its daily style.

But Jagan does not care about the parties of each party.He is going the way he intended.Criticisms do not count at all.Jagan did not respond to criticism from party leaders.He is doing what he wants to do.Similarly Jagan ever decided on the formation of new Districts in AP.It was ever announced that each parliamentary constituency was going to be made into one district.Now the final exercise on it has begun.

It is learned through credible sources that a notification will be issued in the AP tomorrow for the formation of new districts.To this end, Jagan had already instructed the authorities to be vigilant on all matters relating to the formation of new Districts and to see that these works proceeded expeditiously.

Jagan appointed a special committee to look into the formation of these new districts.With the committee already submitting its report, Jagan decided to expedite the process of forming these new districts.

Jagan hoped that with the formation of these new Districts, further development in AP would be possible, administrative difficulties would be eliminated and many more would benefit.The formation of these new Districts was promised during the walkout organized by Jagan before the actual 2019 elections.

Promised to make each parliamentary constituency a district.Now a total of 26 new Districts will be formed in AP if the Jagan idea is implemented.

The AP government is preparing to take a fresh decision on this once again with the authorities and issue a notification tomorrow.The AP has a total of 25 parliamentary constituencies.

With the Araku Parliamentary constituency being the largest, it is likely that the area will be divided into two districts.The AP government seems to be acting aggressively in this regard as further development is possible with the formation of new Districts and the possibility of huge funding from the Center.

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