Smriti Kakra On Her Role As A Free-spirited Lady In The Web Film “Cash”

Mumbai, Nov 15, : , Actress Smriti Kakra will star opposite Amol Parashar in the upcoming OTT film ‘Cash’.
She opens up about playing an independent and confident woman and expresses her excitement for her debut film after doing a number of television shows.

 Smriti Kakra On Her Role As A Free-spirited Lady In The Web Film “cash”

After a series of television shows, she opens up about her role as an independent and confident woman.She also expresses excitement for her first film.

Smriti says: “I play ‘Neha’ in the film who is a smart, independent and confident young woman.Smriti said: “I play Neha in the film, who is a smart and independent young woman.And she is someone who lives her life on her own terms.She is a person who can live her life to her own standards.

And if she wants something, she orchestrates a way to get it.She will find a way to get what she wants.She doesn’t need a helping hand from anyone.She doesn’t need anyone to help her.

“I have never played a character like this before.”I’ve never played a character as this before.’Neha’ is a natural fixer and has a long list of useful contacts which she accesses at any time of the day.”Neha” is a natural fixer.She has a large list of contacts that she can access at any hour of the day.She’s sexy; she’s feisty and will make you believe that she’s someone you really want on your team.She’s hot, she’s flirty, and she will convince you that she’s the right person for your team.The only trouble is, she won’t even bat an eyelid before double crossing her foes.”.She won’t blink an eye before she double crosses her foes.

The movie ‘Cash’ is directed by Rishab Seth and produced by Vishesh Bhatt.Rishab Seth directed the movie Cash and Vishesh Bhatt produced it.It is based on the issue of demonetisation and how it affected people.It is about the demonetization issue and its effects on people.

The movie stars Amol Parashar and Smriti Kalra in the lead roles.Amol Parashar, Smriti Kalra and Smriti Kakra play the leading roles in the movie.

Smriti adds on her working experience with the co-actors, saying: I got lucky!.Smriti shares her experience working with co-actors and says, “I got lucky!” It was a mixed bag of experience, a creative, fun loving, and supportive group of co-actors.

It was a mix of experiences, creative, fun loving, supportive group of actors.I got to work with the ‘Bad Man’ of Bollywood, Gulshan Grover sir, the very versatile and talented Swanand Kirkere, our very beloved ‘Baba’ Amol Parasher.

I had the pleasure of working with Gulshan Grover sir (the ‘Bad Man’ of Bollywood), Swanand Kirkere (our beloved ‘Baba’ Amol Parasher), and the versatile and talented Swanand Kirkere.Kavin Dave too who has an excellent comic timing, theatre veteran Krishna Bisht.

Kavin Dave, a theatre veteran Krishna Bisht, has a great sense of humor.So you can see, I got to learn so much from all and to top that, I had so much fun.”.As you can see, I learned so much from everyone and had so much fun.

‘Cash’ will be released on November 19 on Disney+ Hotstar.”Cash” will be available on Disney+ Hotstar on November 19.

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