Kadapa Politics: Conflicts Erupt Between MLA And MLC!

In Kadapa district Proddatur, political conflict has once again erupted.Class differences in Proddatur YCP have reached a climax.

 Kadapa Politics: Conflicts Erupt Between Mla And Mlc!-TeluguStop.com

The battle for supremacy between Proddatur MLA Rachamallu Sivaprasad Reddy and MLA Ramesh Yadav has become a class struggle.With this, Proddatur politics became MLA versus MLC.Attacks took place between the followers of MLA Shivprasad Reddy and the followers of MLA Ramesh Yadav at midnight on Thursday.Raghunath Reddy, a follower of MLC Ramesh Yadav, was seriously injured in the attack.He was rushed to a government hospital.Tensions in Proddatur erupted with attacks between YCP factions.

In the next two days, on the occasion of the birthday of MLC Ramesh Yadav, his followers set up flexis at various places in Proddatur.Shivprasad Reddy’s followers were angry over the lack of a photo of MLA Shivprasad Reddy in the eFlex.

MLC followers alleged that 10th Ward Councilor Garishapati Lakshmidevi Bharat, Venugopal, Kasireddy Mahesh Reddy and several others attacked them.Meanwhile, MLC Ramesh Yadav had threatened himself with a gun.Councilor Lakshmidevi Bharat had lodged a complaint with the police.

On Friday, MLC Ramesh Yadav responded by saying that the statement that he had a licensed gun was true but had not been used so far.He says the government has assigned him guns.Ramesh Yadav told 10TV that he did not threaten anyone except to go to the spot with the information that his followers were being attacked and that he would reveal everything when the time came.

However, Proddatur MLA Rachamallu Sivaprasad Reddy did not have any differences with MLA Ramesh Yadav.Ms.Rajamallu was incensed that the small commotion in the street was being made bigger and that some people were deliberately trying to seduce her.

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