Ila Arun: Every Woman In India Is An \'aarya\'

Ila Arun: Every woman in India is an ‘Aarya’

Mumbai, Feb 19 : Veteran actress Ila Arun believes every woman in India possesses a courageous soul akin to Aarya’s.

 Ila Arun: Every Woman In India Is An 'aarya'

The actress is currently seen as Nalini in the crime thriller drama ‘Aarya: Antim Vaar’.

The show is headlined by actress Sushmita Sen, who plays the titular character of Aarya Sareen.

Ila said: “Aarya in the show has the power to combat every struggle, and I have learned that from Aarya.It gave me strength on how to be strong for my daughter and be energetic.When it’s the question of maintaining a family, every woman in India is an Aarya.

“If some injustice is happening with her family, she’ll come to the roads and fight; if her house breaks, she tries to build it up,” said Ila.

Ila further said that Aarya will remain in her heart always.

“I wish to work with Ram Madhvani, his unit, and Sushmita again and again,” she added.

‘Aarya: Antim Vaar’ is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.



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