Congress Mother Vs TRS Daughter – Telangana Municipal Elections  

Mahabharata is a clear example of how power divides the family.Kauravas and Pandavas have been separated, and everyone knows what followed later.

Congress Mother Vs TRS Daughter – Telangana Municipal Elections-Telangana Elections Trs Seats In

In this Kali Yuga, in a bid to prove themselves a mother and a daughter are competing against each other.In the upcoming Telangana Municipal Elections, a mother and a daughter are contesting from Amangallu division in Ranga Reddy district.

While the Indian National Congress is supporting the mother, the daughter is having support from the TRS.The mother is identified as Pulakinta Nagamma, and her daughter, who recently got married is identified as Alivelu.

The duo has filed their nomination to contest from the 5th ward locally.

The locals believe that Nagamma, who has played a key role in highlighting the ward problems in the past, has high chances of winning.

‘This is exciting, and sad at the same time.The mother has been quite vocal and had done her bit for the people.

I think everyone will look at the candidate, but not the party backing them’, a local voter said.

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Congress Mother Vs Trs Daughter – Telangana Municipal Elections-telangana Municipal Elections,trs Seats In Municipal Elections Related....