BJP IT cell targeted Aamir Khan ?       2016-12-27   04:14:31  IST  Bhanu C

BJP is targeting the persons, celebrities who are opposing their policies ? Opposition parties and the persons who claim themselves to be secularists answer to this question as ‘YES’. They will show various example to this. On the other hand BJP supporters vehemently deny this. In a recent development, former BJP Social Media Cell volunteer Sadhvi Khosla revealed that BJP Social media cell targeted Aamir Khan an year ago for his ‘Intolerance remarks’ on the government.

Sadhvi Khosla has authored a book titled ‘I Am The Troll’ which is going to release in the market soon. She has discussed Aamir Khan’s issue in the book as per the latest reports. After Aamir Khan’s intolerance remarks, BJP Social Media Cell chief Arvind Gupta passed orders to the volunteers of the cell to campaign against Aamir Khan to increase pressure against SnapDeal to remove Aamir as a brand ambassador. He asked them to carry out this campaign through Whatsapp. Sadhvi Khosla was a volunteer in the BJP social media cell at that time.

There are mixed reactions on Sadhvi Khosla’s allegations. Some are agreeing with her and saying that BJP will go to any extent to defame the opposition. But BJP supporters are saying that Sadhvi Khosla is doing all this to increase sales of her book. We have to wait for the release of the book to know what she exactly mentioned in the book about this issue.