Young Director Gives Jhalak To Venkatesh And Suresh Babu!  

Generally, the heroes promise to do a film for a director, and later ignores them.This time around, it is the vice versa.

Young Director Gives Jhalak To Venkatesh And Suresh Babu!-Venkatesh Babu Venkatesh Narappa Tharun Bhascker New Movie

Young director Tharun Bhascker is highly respected, both for his writing and for direction.Suresh Babu approached the young director, asking him to do a film under his banner with Victory Venkatesh in the lead role.

After the director narrated the core point of the film, set in the backdrop of Hyderabad Race Club, Venky immediately gave the signal.This took place some 3-4 months ago.

Since then, nothing has materialized on both the ends and Suresh Babu is frustrated.

With Venkatesh getting busy with ‘Narappa’ movie shooting, Tharun Bhascker has planned to dump the project in its entirety.

‘It is almost official that Tharun wouldn’t be directing Venkatesh anytime soon.Tharun wants to become a full-time actor.

There is no way he will wait for Venkatesh to finish the shoot, and then begin his film.He literally dumped them’, said a source close to Suresh Productions.

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