WTF! Son Demands Rs. 1 Lakh To Do Father’s Final Rites!  

Humanity.This is the last word humans can ever attribute to themselves.

WTF! Son Demands Rs. 1 Lakh To Do Father’s Final Rites!-Harassment Parents Old Age Homes

The latest incident not only brings tears from your eyes but also shows how far humans can go when it comes to money.This incident took place in Bhadrak district, Bajarapur village in Odisha state.

Anamacharan is a retired teacher.After he became a widow with his wife’s death, his son and daughter-in-law started harassing him.

In a bid to save himself, he left the house and has been living in his friend Gajendra Sahu’s house for the last 17 years.Recently, with Anamacharan’s health degrading, Gajendra Sahu informed his friend’s son.

But there was no reply.

Anamacharan breathed his last on Wednesday, and the same has been communicated by Gajendra his the former’s son.

He requested him to come and finish the final rites.But shockingly, Anamacharan’s son refused, and demanded Rs.

1 Lakh to perform his duties.Shocked by the answer, Gajendra approached the police.

‘Gajendra did not even give me a single penny from my father’s pension for the last 17 years.That is the reason I demanded the money’, Anamacharan’s son said.

With the police involving, the episode had a happy ending.

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