Woman Lost 33Lakhs In Hyderabad Online Fraud

These days shopping online has become quite a habit for everyone.However the same online shopping also turns out to be a reason for many people to be deceived.

 Woman Lost 33lakhs In Hyderabad Online Fraud-TeluguStop.com

if you have any idea then only do online shoping.Some fraudsters get caught up in shopping online without realizing it.They are losing Lakhs of rupees due to their ignorance.Recently in Hyderabad, a similar woman lost Rs 33 lakh.

A woman from Moulali area lost her husband in a recent accident.She received insurance money of Rs 50 lakh.

With that money we hoped to shape the future of the three children.She Bought Earphones for Rs 99 threw the family on the road.Rs.33 Lakhs were hit by cyber criminals.The incident, which came to light recently, took place within the confines of the Rachakonda Commissionerate.The case is being investigated by the police.

A man in Moulali was working as a labor contractor.Died of an illness in November last year.

Fifty lakh rupees was received by his family from the insurance.The wife made a fixed deposit of Rs 10 lakh each on the three children.

The rest of the money he had was deposited in 2 bank accounts with 28 Lakhs in one and 5 Lakhs in another account.

However, the daughter of an 8th grader asked for headphones to listen to online classes.In Amazon and Flipkart ear phones of cost at Rs.500 to Rs.600.However, a message appeared on a website saying earphones for Rs 99 and she bought it there.They carefully brought home the item they had bought.

A few days later she went to the bank to deposit some more money.

Inquiries as to how much the balance is said to be zero.If it is asked whether it should be five Lakhs or not … the staff explained that they do not know why.Went to another bank for another account verification.

She was shocked to learn that there was not even a single rupee in the account which was supposed to be twenty eight lakhs.

Immediately lodged a complaint with the Rachakonda cyber crime police.After examining the bank statements, it was found that it took 15 days for the cyber hackers to empty those two accounts.

A man named Ashok called from that website that you had hit the lottery for buying earphones.He said he won a car worth Rs 15 lakh.

He believed he could take the money if he did not want the car.Click on the link in the SMS and enter the bank account details to deposit the prize money.

She gave the phone to her daughter as she was illiterate.According to cyber criminals, the girl downloaded any desk app.Bank Debit Cards OTP Tells Other Details.With this information the internet banking was registered and the phone number was changed earlier.

The victim added Google Pay Phone Pay on the new phone numbers and transferred Rs 33 lakh to various accounts.telugu,telugu news,telugu channel,telugustop,online frauds,online Fraud in cybercrime,online frauds scams,online frauds scams how to make money,online fraudsters,online frauds videos,cyber crime news,cyber crime investigation,cyber crime helpline number,online scammer,online scams,online shopping fails,online shopping frauds telugu,online shopping frauds,online shopping frauds in india,online shopping Fraud crime patrol #Cybercrime #Onlinefrauds #Beaware

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