Why Women Should Take Fenugreek Seeds Tea Regularly  

Why Women Should Take Fenugreek Seeds Tea Regularly -

Fenugreek or methi is another commonly available spice in Indian kitchen.People use fenugreek seeds in wide variety of dishes.

But how often you take them? Speaking facts, very rare indeed.Fenugreek seeds play an efficient role in lowering blood glucose.

Why Women Should Take Fenugreek Seeds Tea Regularly-Telugu Health Tips-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

It has a long list of benefits and specially for women.Do make your sisters/wife/mother/girlfriend drink methi tea or water extract from boiled fenugreek seeds quite regularly.

The presence of good of amount of iron is a must thing for women.They lose a lot of blood in periods.

They certainly need iron content for the production of new blood cells.Fenugreek seeds provide good amount of iron.

Not just that, fenugreek seeds can minimise the abdominal pain in periods.Yes, for real.

A hot methi tea in periods will ease their struggle in periods.It is because of the anti analgesic effect in methi tea.Fenugreek tea has been a part of parcel of women lives in Egypt and China for ages now.It has another benefit for women.Fenugreek tea can increase breast milk production.

How to prepare fenugreek tea :

* Take 4-5 glasses of water and boil for 5 minutes.

* Take neat and clean methi seeds or leaves (a couple of tea spoons or 4-5 leaves).

* Add seeds or leaves to the boiled water and let it boil again for 5 minutes.

Let it stay on the stove till it becomes yellowish.

* Extract the water and remove seeds and leaves.Your tea is ready.

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