Why PM Modi Jeff Bezos Meet Got Cancelled? Learn Here!  

One article can bring fame, and can also put you to shame.At the same time, one article can also distance you from the PM of the world’s largest democracy.This is what Amazon founder, World’s richest man Jeff Bezos faced.In one of its article, the US-based daily Washington Post took potshots at PM Modi, after the latter abolished Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

Why PM Modi Jeff Bezos Meet Got Cancelled? Learn Here!-Pm Pm Cancelled Worlds Richest Man

The news-editorial went on further and commented on the ‘Global Goalkeeper’ award conferred by Melinda Gates Foundation to PM Modi.Government sources who are with this issue did hint about the same as the reason for the duo not to meet.

On the other hand, there have been reports that PM Modi and the PMO office were unwilling to meet with Jeff Bezos, given the anti-Amazon movement among small and medium enterprise in the country.‘Politically the Small and Medium Enterprises owners are a key vote bank for the BJP.

With many of them protesting against predatory marketing by Amazon, it is understood that PM Modi would like to meet them before meeting Jeff’, said another source within the government circles.

The cancellation of PM Modi Jeff Bezos meet did send some strong signals in the corporate and political sphere.


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