Why Fermentation Food Is Important | Benefits Of Fermentation Food | Gut Health Benefits

Most people eat idli and dosa mostly as breakfast food.But now with the availability of the fridge, anyone who grinds the dough will put the idlis and bugs in the fridge as soon as they grind .But doing so is not a good practice.Most of you are not aware that eating fermented foods is very good for your health because they are very good for your stomach.

 Why Fermentation Food Is Important | Benefits Of Fermentation Food | Gut Health Benefits-TeluguStop.com

This fermented food produces healthy bacteria in the gut .Let us know how many benefits there are from fermented food without further delay.In fact, fermented foods contain good bacteria .These are what we call probiotics.Eating fermented foods keeps the stomach healthy because the good bacteria in fermented foods speed up our digestive process.

As a result , all the problems like constipation, gas and acidity are eliminated.Fermented food is high in lactic acid.It removes the dirty and bad bacteria in the intestines.

Also, our body needs good bacteria to build up immunity .Which is why diet and immunity power of the eating fermented foods, as they are also rich in antioxidant and anti perugutayicusaru jirnamavadanto taggavaccusariranlo weight, it is also due to the many uses of food unnayoalage puliyapettina antarumanam daily feeding of the fermentation process Dosa , Oothappam, Idli , etc.are fermented like this.Bread, yoghurt, yoghurt vada and pickles are also included in this category.

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