What To Eat And What To Avoid During Fever?  

What To Eat And What To Avoid During Fever? -

What not to eat ?

* Stay away from high cholesterol foods like junk food, fried foods or oily foods.They don’t go easy on your digestive system

* Cold foods also be avoided during fever.Don’t take cool drinks or cold juices.Anything low on temperature should not taken with the misconception that cool foods would low down the temperature.These foods also include ice cream

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* Don’t take unpasteurised milk and milk products

* Don’t go with your desires like smoking or alcohol when you suffer from fever

* Coffee lovers, stay away from coffee during feverish days

* Also avoid non veg items, especially, red meat, fish and pork

* Avoid all types of sugary food items.

What to eat ?

* Drink lots of water.Feverish body should always stay hydrated.Toxins should be flushed out time to time

* Start loving foods that are rich in probiotics.These foods lower the body temperature.For example, curd

* Take fruits and vegetables which are clean and can be peelable.

Wash fruits and vegetables with salt water to make sure the absence of germs.
* Drink green tea or any other healthy herbal tea instead of tea or coffee

* Eat non oily foods.That could be a chapati or an inly.Don’t feed yourself with oily and fried foods.

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