What Is The ‘correct Time’ To Bring The New 3 Capitals Bill?

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan has withdrawn the Three Capitals bill.Though the farmers and people of Amaravati are protesting against the three capitals bill, CM Jagan never responded in favour of them.

 What Is The ‘correct Time’ To Bring The New 3 Capitals Bill?-TeluguStop.com

But, suddenly, CM Jagan repealed the three capitals bill.He said that a new bill would be introduced in the Assembly with amendments.

Even YCP Ministers and MLAs do not know when the bills would be introduced again.

Chief Minister Jagan said that he would take everyone’s suggestions, and views and make changes to the bills.

These bills are not likely to come until August, though.Jagan is all set to bring these new bills in September.Everything seems to be clear by then.New bills are likely to come in the name of decentralization without naming the three capitals.

It seems that Jagan is also thinking of another referendum.The YCP may plan to decentralize power from the panchayats to the corporations and pass a resolution in favour of the three capitals.

Then the government will be able to say that there is a positive response for the three capitals from all the districts across the state.Hence, it is heard that the party supremacy planned to make and send resolutions from the panchayat to the corporation.

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