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Death is the most common fear in all of us.It is an inescapable truth.But it is the happiness of some.Also in different religions there are different meanings, implications, destinations on death.What happens after death? Where do we go body or soul? Is there an actual soul? If the soul is real, is it also true that the soul has no touch? And how can the soul be tormented in hell? How does the soul know pain? What about the men who did the good deeds? Is there a concept of heaven and hell in other religions besides Hinduism? Let’s see what the religions have to say about Osari’s death.First, speaking of Hinduism, as Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, death means the soul leaving one body and wearing another body.

 What Happens When You Die | What Happens After Death According To Religion | Telugu Stop-TeluguStop.com

The body is like a garment to the soul.However, just as the body wears one garment after another, so the soul leaves another body and wears another body.

Do not think that it is Os, Antena.The journey of the soul after death is described in detail in the Garuda Purana.If you look at it accordingly.When the soul leaves the body, the life is lost.

And what is the journey of the soul? Towards Yamaloka.

The saints are warmly welcomed in Yamaloka.Along the way, there is no violence.Yamadharmaraju appears to them in a gentle manner.They are sent to heaven with courtesy.That is, they are united in Vishnu.

After the sins and punishments are over, they wear another body again.Thus, according to Hinduism, if the journey of the soul after death is taken by Islam, there will be two invisible ones on the right and left shoulders.They will constantly count our sins.In Islam, in Christianity, a dead body is not cremated on a pyre, as in Hinduism, unless it is buried in the ground after death.

Those who sin will go to hell and be punished, and those who do good deeds and worship God’s name will go to heaven and gain wealth, women, and material comforts as well as worldly pleasures.The same is true in Christianity.This is the religion behind death among the major religions.It’s up to them to believe what they do.Who saw heaven, who saw hell? Which priest gave the correct answers to the questions asked by science? Wealthy, atheists, before we were human.

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