What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Health.?  

What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Health.? -

* Burning sensation :

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If your tongue is burning, that would be because of the production of gastric juices in an imbalance manner in stomach.Chewing a ginger or saffron would help and provide relief at this time.

* Cracks on your tongue :

Heavy cracks on your tongue would be a sign of indigestion.It could be also be a sign that you are not taking enough nutritional food.Eat good amount of fibre.Eat guavas, apple, sweet potato and peppermint.

* Sore tongue :

Vitamin B6 deficiency would bring sore tongue.It is also a sign of anemia or niacin deficiency.Take enough iron.Eat carrots.

Take spinach, yogurt and seasonal fruits for this problem.

* Yellow tongue :

Yellow patches on your tongue is a sign of toxicity.You are having improper bowel movements and heat in hut.Yellow tongue also means that your blood is impure.You urgently need a detoxification.Take vitamin C, drink garlic juice, radish juice, green tea and ginger tea.

* White tongue :

Not just yellow coating, we see even white coating on human tongues.That is a sign of yeast buildup.

It could also project the imbalance in gut flora.If that is the case, include probiotics in your diet.

That means, ear curd and drink butter milk as much as possible.

* Teeth marks on tongue :

Weakness of spleen causes teeth marks on tongue.Bloating and gas buildup are also behind teeth marks.Eat spinach, broccoli, ginger, cinnamon and garlic.

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