What does your breasts speak about your health     2017-10-17   03:49:43  IST  Raghu V

Our body speaks with ourselves. It rings the alarm bell to wake up from the laziness and provide some care. It comes up with symptoms and let you foresee what is coming. But the thing is, we are not really aware of what is happening with our body. We don’t know which change leads to what. So, here we are presenting a matter on how your breasts talk about your health.

* Pain in breasts doesn’t happen without reason. It could be because of periods or the hormone fluctuations in or out of periods. This can also happen if you are obsessed with coffee and taking too much caffeine. It can also be a muscle strain because of a tight bra. In most cases, it could be iron deficiency.

* Are you seeing any sort of fluid discharging from the nipples? No, it’s not about the milk during breastfeeding. We are talking about the unusual fluids. It happens because of the fluctuation in hormone levels in natural. It happens because of certain medication too. Underactive thyroid and shortening of milk ducts are other two prime reasons. And the deadly one is here, it could also be a symptom of breast cancer.

* The size of breasts, more importantly in the case one of two, should not change suddenly. There is no scope for normality here. Visit your doctor as soon as possible.

* Lumps should not be taken on a lighter note. Cystic lumps and tumors are very dangerous signs of breast cancer. Immediate medication is necessary.

* Not one but two breasts have seen a sudden reduction in size? This happens when there is not enough production of estrogen hormone in your body. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome could be the other reason behind this.

* Breasts turning inwards? Breast retraction shouldn’t be treated normally. It is a sign of breast cancer.