What Causes Headache Near Eye Brows?

Ever had severe headache near eyes or above or down eye brows? There headaches cause more pain and more discomfort than normal headaches what we feel around forehead.Now it becomes to worry to see pain near eyebrows which is a non traditional area of body for head ache or ache.

 What Causes Headache Near Eye Brows?-TeluguStop.com

What this headache is called as? What does it occur? Let’s see some of the probable reasons behind this pain.

* Lack of sleep and disturbance in sleep pattern can cause these headaches which are called as sinus headache.

* Muscles spams in eye brows could also lead to sinus headache.Muscles spams happen due to insomnia.

* Severe cold can block sinuses.This adds extra pressure on the head and causes sinus headache.

* Increased pressure in the skull, might be because of a tumor can cause sinus headache.If the pain is regular, just please consult your doctor immediately.

* If arteries near your eye brows face inflammation, that will also lead to sinus headache.This is a normal problem and will be backed off quickly.

* Increase in Glaucoma causes damage in optic nerve.In simple words, pressure on eyes and eye lids will also cause sinus headache.

* Infection around your eyes may also cause sinus headache.In this case, the reason is clearly visible.

* Stress, mental illness, aneurysm, bruising, esphoria are among other reasons behind sinus headache.

Things to know :

* Not every sinus headache is migraine.The later case is much severe, regular and painful than sinus headache.

* Stay healthy mentally.Don’t stress your eyes and drink required amount of water everyday.