What Best Time Should We Goto Temple | గుడికి ఏ సమయాలలో వెళ్లాలో తెలుసా? | Telugu Stop

According to our Hindu tradition, visiting temples is becoming a tradition.Some people visit the temples near them every day.Once a week, even if others in their istadaivanni visit their wishes in the presence of God, the God of the mental calm to the temple for the visit.However, some people visit temples whenever they can.

 What Best Time Should We Goto Temple | గుడికి ఏ సమయాలలో వెళ్లాలో తెలుసా? | Telugu Stop-TeluguStop.com

Usually we visit the temples in the morning or in the evening.It is very good to bathe in the morning and visit the temples in the morning.

Also in the morning it is very good to visit the temples of Lord Mahavishnu and his incarnations like Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.Taking this tulsi tirtha cleanses the lungs.

Also , by visiting the temple in the morning, we believe that the day will be spent happily and the things we have planned will be done properly.Also visit Shiva temples in the evening.

Maredu Tirtha in Shiva temples liberates us from digestive problems and also fulfills our desires as the blessings of Lord Shiva are upon us.Man does his work by believing in God and moving forward with a positive outlook.In this way God adds to every man in some form.

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