West “sleepwalking Into The Biggest Humanitarian Crisis Our Time’ In Afghanistan: Former UK PM Gordon Brown

New Delhi, December 29, : The West “sleepwalks into the greatest Humanitarian crisis of all times” in Afghanistan.Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned that the West was “sleepingwalking into the largest Humanitarian crisis of all time”.

 West “sleepwalking Into The Biggest Humanitarian Crisis Our Time’ In Afghanistan: Former Uk Pm Gordon Brown-TeluguStop.com

He called for an aid package to rescue the nation, which has been in turmoil since the Talibans tookover.
The report stated that four months after the overthrow of the west-supported government by a massive military withdrawal, the ex-Prime Minister of the UK said the argument for action was not solely moral but also in our “self-interest”.

According to him, more than 50% of Afghans are facing severe hunger.This includes 1,000,000 children who could starve.

He also cited International Monetary Fund forecasts that Afghanistan’s economy will contract by 20%-30% in the coming year.

Brown, in an article published in The Times wrote that “No country has ever suffered from such universal poverty” in the recent past like Afghanistan.”

According to Brown, “It’s ironic that almost all Afghan citizens will be condemned for that fate when the entire international community pledges to achieve sustainable development goals – to free the entire world from absolute poverty in the next decade.”

He said, “Instead of having no absolute poverty within any country,” and added that the terror of virtually an entire nation living in poverty is what he was referring to.

Brown stated that Europe may feel the consequences, as thousands of Afghans will be forced to choose between starvation and emigration.

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