We will fulfill election promise of Kapu reservations : Babu       2016-12-30   05:05:15  IST  Bhanu C

Kapu reservations has been a serious political issue for the last few years in Andhra Pradesh. Even Telugu Desam Party recognized the severity of the issue and included it in the 2104 elections manifesto. But when it comes to implementation Chandrababu Naidu cabinet is taking more time than expected. The fallout of this delay is Mudragada Padmanabham led agitation. Babu took serious note of this issue and constituted Kapu Corporation and trying to solve the issue amicably.

Contrary to Babu Government’s initiatives, Mudragada is getting ready for the second phase of fight for Kapu reservations. While reacting to this Chandrababu reacted on this issue while addressing a public meeting in Mori village in Sakhinetipalli Mandal today. He reiterated that TDP government will not go back on the Kapu reservations issue. He said opposition parties are politicizing the issue but he said he will go ahead with the Kapu reservations without disturbing the reservations of other BC castes.

Even though Babu is promising that he will fulfill the elections promise, the public opinion is completely opposite. On the other hand opposition is taking the issue seriously to fix TDP government. We have to wait and see how Babu will solve this issue before it becomes a burning issue in the residual state.