Police Force Victim’s Father To Provide Clean Chit

Kasganj (Uttar Pradesh), Nov 12 : In a turn of events, the father of the 22-year-old man, who died in police custody in Kasganj, has now denied having given a Clean chit to the police.Kasganj (Uttar Pradesh), November 12 : In an unexpected twist of events, Kasganj’s father, a 22-year old man who was taken into police custody at Kasganj has denied giving a Clean check to police.
The father Chand Miyan had given a letter absolving the police of all blame in his son’s death.Chand Miyan, the father of his son had written a letter exonerating police from any blame for his death.

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The note, written in Hindi, said Altaf was depressed and had ended his life by suicide.In Hindi, the note stated that Altaf had been depressed and committed suicide.

Chand Miyan told reporters on Thursday evening that he was threatened by officials that his son’s body will not be handed over to him if he spoke against the police.On Thursday night, Chand Miyan stated to reporters that officials threatened him with a death threat if he opposed the police.

“I did what I was told to do by the police,” he said.He said, “I did the right thing as instructed by police.”

He said he was illiterate and could not read what was written before placing his thumbprint on the letter.Before he could place his thumbprint onto the letter, he claimed illiteracy and that a lot of what was written was not understandable to him.

“I was neither in good health nor in a proper frame of mind when I gave the statement and placed my thumb impression without knowing the content on the paper.”I wasn’t in good health or in a healthy frame of mind when the police asked me to give the statement.I placed my thumb impression and did not know the contents.Being in an unstable condition, I did what I was asked by the police to do,” he said.

He said that he was in unstable health and did the things commanded by police.

The Kasganj police has refused to comment on Chand Miyan retracting his statement.

Chand Miyan’s retractions of his statements were not covered by the Kasganj Police.

“Please ask the father of the deceased as to why he is changing his stand from one statement to another.

Ask the father of the victim to explain why he changed his mind from one to the next.What can police say about this?”This is what the police can say.said ASP Kasganj, A.K.Singh.Singh.

It may be recalled that 22-year-old Altaf was called for interrogation at the Kasganj police station in an abduction case and he died on Tuesday evening.You may recall that Altaf, aged 22 years old in connection with an abduction case was summoned to the Kasganj Police Station for interrogation.He died Tuesday night.

The police claimed that Altaf, who was accused of eloping with a minor Hindu girl, had strangulated himself using a string from his jacket hood in the washroom of the police lock-up.

Altaf was accused of having eloped with a minor Hindu girl and strangled himself in the lockup’s washroom using a string from the hood of his jacket.

“During interrogation, the accused went to the washroom at the police station, where he hanged himself to death from the tap,” said A.K.A.K.stated that the accused committed suicide from the tap while being interrogated.Singh, additional superintendent of police (ASP).Singh, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP).

Meanwhile, Altaf’s family has now appealed for a CBI inquiry into the case.Altaf’s relatives have now applied for an inquiry by the CBI into the matter.

“How can a man commit suicide by hanging himself from a 3-feet-high tap.How can someone commit suicide while hanging from a tap 3 feet high? We do not trust the post-mortem report, which cites ‘hanging’ as the cause of death,” said Fatima, mother of the deceased.Fatima, the mother of the deceased, stated that she does not believe the post-mortem report which mentions “hanging” as the cause of death.

The post-mortem report says there were no injury marks on the body and asphyxiation was the cause of death.

According to the post-mortem report, there was no evidence of injury and death due asphyxiation #Victims #father #Clean #chit


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