Warren Buffet Dumps Samsung For Apple  

Warren Buffet, the world’s third-richest man (according to Bloomberg) with a net worth of approximately $88 Billion does not need any attention.The business tycoon is often regarded as one of the best gurus when it comes to making long-term investments.

Warren Buffet Dumps Samsung For Apple

His decisions regarding investment and disinvestment in a particular company can trigger a financial success or a collapse for that company globally.Such is his value in the investment ecosystem globally.

Warren Buffet currently holds 5% shares in smartphone giant Apple Inc.The business tycoon has finally chosen to dump his Samsung Heaven Flip Phone and opted for an iPhone 11.

Though it is unclear which model he has chosen, the news that he has opted an iPhone after using the Samsung Heaven Flip phone has gone viral.

‘I will only make calls through the iPhone.

Will not get into any kind of apps, or something else.For daily news regarding stocks and trade, I’m using an iPad from the past few years’, Warren Buffet clarified.

Tim Cook, Apple Inc.CEO welcomed Warren Buffet saying that he has been asking the latter to change the phone for a long time.

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