Waitress Gets 7Lakhs Tip From Customer #Viral | Telugu

Waitress Gets 7Lakhs Tip From Customer #Viral | Telugu

One Day A woman named Williams went to a restaurant .There Jasmine Castillo, a waiter, served food to Williams.

 Waitress Gets 7lakhs Tip From Customer #viral | Telugu-TeluguStop.com

Williams, however, liked the waiter’s performance.She pays 30, or Rs.2,271, for the food, and 40, or Rs.3,082, as a tip to the waiter.The waiter is overjoyed at the customer’s generosity in Castile.The two of them talk intimately for a while.With this sequence the waiter tells Castillo about herself to the customer.She told the customer that she had put her baby in a day care and was working there and wanted to quit her job for the baby.

Customer Williams opens a cash app in the waiter’s name, posts about her on Facebook and asks whoever they can to help.None of these things are known into Castillo.

But the suspicion comes into Castillo’s check as she accidentally got money in her account.She also received a tip of nearly Rs 7 lakh from strangers in her account through the cash app.With that the waiter happiness goes without limits.A heartfelt thank you to all those who sent money and to customer Williams who helped her so much.telugu,telugu news,telugu channel,restaurant waitress,waitress tips,waitress gets 7lakh tip,williams,castillo waitress,viral news,telugu viral news #Waitress #Williams #7LakhTip

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