Viral: Beggar Donates Rs 8 Lakhs!  

When we see beggars lined up outside a temple, we tend to either ignore them or donate a rupee or two and just walk away.Few people walk away showing off some attitude.

Viral: Beggar Donates Rs 8 Lakhs!

Nevertheless, the beggars seem to stay there as long as the temple is open for the day.Can you imagine that those very beggars will donate the money?

In an exceptional case, the 75-year-old Yadireddy, who used to lead his life begging outside the Sai Baba Temple in Muthyalampadu (Vijayawada), donated a huge sum of Rs 8 lakhs to the same temple.Yadireddy, originally from Nalgonda, has been living in Vijayawada for the past couple of decades.

‘My health is deteriorating.

From the day I chose to donate the money I get through begging, I started getting more money from by-passers.From then on, I started donating money to other temples too.

I shall breathe my last in this very temple premises’, said Yadireddy.People who came to know about Yadireddy are appreciating his generosity.

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