Violence In Tripura Pre-planned And Planned By Prashant, Abhishek : MoS Pratima Bhoumik IANS Interview

By Shashi Bhushan New Delhi, Nov 24, : , Pratima Bhoumik, Union Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, stated that all incidents of Violence in Tripura were pre-planned and scripted by Prashant Koshior and Abhishek Banerjee, TMC leader.

 Violence In Tripura Pre-planned And Planned By Prashant, Abhishek : Mos Pratima Bhoumik Ians

In an exclusive Interview with IANS, Lok Sabha member for West Tripura parliamentary constituency Bhoumik stated that the people of Tripura will respond to the TMC and Banerjee and PK (Prashant Kishor), and that they will not succeed their malicious plan to disrupt the peaceful environment of state.

She claimed that the TMC had disrespected the mandate of the people and defamed West Bengal before the country and the rest of the world.Bhoumik stated that the BJP does not need to teach democracy from TMC.Instead, TMC should learn democracy and practice it in true spirit.Excerpts:

Q: TMC is complaining about Violence and attacks on its leaders in Tripura?

Bhoumik: Since 2018, the BJP government in Tripura has not been subject to Violence.Tripura is not a culture that tolerates political Violence.Since August, when TMC leader PK arrived in Tripura with his group I-PAC, there have been four months of Violence.

All incidents of Violence are pre-planned and scripted by PK and Abhishek Banerjee, TMC leader.

Q: Do you mean that Violence incidents are pre-planned?

Bhoumik: It is important to understand that Violence has not occurred since March 2018, when the BJP government was established in the state.This was July 2018.Have you heard of any violent incidents in Tripura? Tripura has never seen Violence and there was no Violence in Tripura.TMC leaders and PK began visiting the state in August.PK group members also camped in Tripura.

All incidents of Violence occurred between August and November.Incidents of Violence have started since the arrival of PK, TMC and that is why I said that the whole thing was preplanned and scripted.

PK is the scriptwriter and Abhishek Bangerjee is responsible for Violence in Tripura.

Q: Do you think the current Violence is pre-planned and that the situation in Tripura has been peaceful?

Bhoumik: Tripura’s situation is peaceful.The TMC, keeping an eye on local bodies election, tried to disrupt the atmosphere.TMC will not report any Violence if an outsider arrives in the state.

Tomorrow morning, you can visit Tripura to experience the peaceful atmosphere.

You can see their body language.

They act like underworld dons and not politicIANS.

Q: Could you please explain to me who behaves like an underworld do?

Bhoumik: TMC leaders, workers and workers are threatening Tripurans.They want to create fear among the people, as they don’t have an organisation in Tripura.The TMC does not have a booth committee or a state committee in Tripura.

They are trying to bring people from the outside to establish their party in state, and they are threatening people for this purpose.You can see their body language.

It is not that of a worker or politician, but rather an underworld don.Abhishek Banerjee behaves like an underworld don.I am certain that Tripura’s people will give them a fitting reply.TMC, Abhishek and PK will not succeed with their plan to disrupt the peaceful environment of the state.

People want peace and development, and not the violent culture of TMC as it does in West Bengal.

Q: TMC says that democracy in Tripura is at risk under the BJP government.

Bhoumik: We don’t want to learn democracy from TMC or its leaders.All witnessed what happened in West Bengal following the declaration of the results of the assembly election.

Women were raped, and men were killed.Property was set on fire.

Lakhs of people fled the state in fear of being attacked by TMC goons.They sought refuge in Assam.

The TMC has defamed West Bengal before the country and the entire world and disrespected its mandate.Mamata Banerjee, the leader of TMC, and Abhishek Banerjee are now blackened.

They will not find a place where they can hide their faces.It is now talking about democracy after killing their own people in West Bengal and raping their women.

The BJP believes in democracy and democratic values, and it follows it religiously.The BJP does not need the TMC teachings on democracy.

Instead, TMC should learn democracy and live by it.

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