Vikas Khanna Poses With \'kingmaker\' Rick Smilow In His New Nyc Restaurant

Vikas Khanna poses with ‘kingmaker’ Rick Smilow in his new NYC restaurant

Mumbai, March 31 : Vikas Khanna posed for a picture with the President of the Institute of Culinary Education Rick Smilow, whom the celebrity chef tagged as a “kingmaker”, in his newly opened restaurant christened Bungalow New York.

 Vikas Khanna Poses With 'kingmaker' Rick Smilow In His New Nyc

Smilow took to Instagram and shared a string of photos, featuring Khanna, his delicacies and the ambience of the restaurant, which opened its doors on March 23.

Tagging it as a “hotspot”, Smilow wrote: “Last night went the first Friday night of BUNGALOW, an inviting new modern Indian restaurant by The Exec Chef Vikas Khanna, Jimmy Rizvi and Sameer Bhatt, at 24 First Avenue.Sameer is a relatively recent alum of ICE’s Culinary Management Program.

“Chef Vikas is respected in NY, but a true global star (judge) on Masterchef India.watched by 300 million people! Bungalow menu inspired by Street Food from multiple regions of #India, and the decor from members clubs.

This will be a hot spot soon!”

Khanna re-shared the pictures on his Instagram on Sunday and wrote: “Dearest Rick.For years I’ve called you the KINGMAKER of our industry in India.The one and only @rick_smilow.”

The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) is ranked #1 culinary school in the US and was established in 1975 and has locations in NYC and LA.

Ramola Bachchan, who is the former wife of megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s brother Ajitabh Bachchan, calls herself as an “accidental chef” going by her Instagram bio, learnt the art of culinary in ICE.

Bungalow New York celebrates the famous street vendors of India and their iconic recipes passed on from generation and cookbook writers.

The restaurant opened on the day that would have been Khanna’s sister Radhika’s 50th birthday.



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