Venu Madhav gave clarity about his illness     2013-10-14   09:30:43  IST  Raghu V

Few years back Comedian Venu Madhav was a busy man with bunch of offers under his belt .Venu became famous as ‘Nalla Balu’ and he provided his best level performances in all his movies. But all of suddenly he became workless and we hardly finding him on the silver screen.

Many rumors start spreading about Venu health and his recent looks added fuel to the gossips.Venu Madhav became so lean. Actually he used to be little fatty previously and now he is getting toned down to a slim.

Due to this occurrence there are rumors that Venu is suffering from mysterious illness and that is why he is losing weight. But Venu denied the rumors and explained the reason behind his slimness.’I am not having any mysterious disease. I won’t look good if I’m fatter besides youngsters like Ram Charan. To suit such young heroes, I’m on dieting and lost weight’, Venu said while speaking with a popular Telugu daily on Sunday