Vahan Places 5K Workers A Month Through WhatsApp

New Delhi, March 5 : Vahan, an Artificial Intelligence-enabled livelihood platform, on Friday said that it is placing 5,000 blue-collar workers every month through its WhatsApp-enabled chatbot called Mitra.

 Vahan Places 5k Workers A Month Through

The platform also announced reaching a significant milestone of providing employment opportunities to over 1 lakh blue-collar professionals.

These workers have been placed in several blue/grey-collar jobs in sectors such as logistics, delivery, and BPOs, the company said.

Vahan said it currently has 5 million users on its platform and is adding 2.5 lakh people every month.

The digital startup said it is growing at the rate of 25 per cent per month because of the simplicity and ease of use of the WhatsApp API (Application Programming Interface).

“The blue-collar segment is an underserved market in India despite constituting the bulk of the workforce,” Madhav Krishna, Founder and CEO, Vahan, said in a statement.

“Our partnership with WhatsApp allows us to seamlessly connect employers and job seekers thereby facilitating better livelihoods and financial inclusion especially for underprivileged households.”

To apply, job seekers need to simply text “Hi” to Vahan’s WhatsApp-enabled chatbot ‘Mitra’, answer a few questions, and expect to be placed in a job within three days.

Being available on WhatsApp has helped the company reduce the barrier to entry while maximising user adoption and engagement.

“We are set to become the country’s largest blue-collar recruiter in the next 18 months,” the Vahan CEO said