US Restrictions On SK Hynix Plans In China ‘legitimate. Trade Chief

Seoul, November 22, : The US has placed restrictions on the South Korean chipmaker SK hynix’s plan to import advanced equipment into a Chinese plant.This was done out of legitimate concerns, and Washington’s top Trade representative said that more moves like this could be made.
The remarks were made by Katherine Tai, US Trade Representative (USTR), in a recent interview on radio with CBS.This was a broadcast from Seoul, and aired Monday.

 Us Restrictions On Sk Hynix Plans In China ‘legitimate. Trade

Tai stated, “I’m aware of the sensitive nature of the technology involved and there are legitimate security concerns regarding the potential threats to national security if this technology is used.”

According to Yonhap news agency, SK Hynix planned to add some new ultraviolet lithography machines (EUV) by ASML to its Wuxi factory, China.This was to improve its manufacturing process and renovate the factory.

Officials claim that Washington had stopped the shipment of equipment to China because of intensified Sino-American rivalry.

It is vital that we work together with our allies and partners in general, especially on issues of economic and national security.Tai said that Korea is one of the most important partners in national security.

Tai answered the question “Yes” when Tai was asked if other items might be covered by such regulations.While national security can include military and defense issues, it could also encompass other areas.

Lee Seok-hee, CEO of SK Hynix, stated earlier in the day that his company would respond to this issue “wisely and cooperating with interested parties.”

Washington requested that major chipmakers, automakers, and other companies share their business information in September.Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, and others submitted information early this month.

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