US Immigration News | H-1B Visa: US Court Sets Aside Proposed Trump-era ‘Wage Selection’ Rule

Good news for Indians … shock to Trump … US court sensational verdict on H-1B … !! Many immigrants dream of settling in America to find work.The H-1B visa fulfills their dreams.

 Us Immigration News | H-1b Visa: Us Court Sets Aside Proposed Trump-era ‘wage Selection’

These visas are issued to American immigrants by lottery But many immigrants, especially Indian professionals, were concerned about Trump’s proposal to grant visas based on wages in terms of H-1B visa allocations during his tenure.However, a federal court in the United States erred in its recent decision and shocked Trump by dismissing the proposals.

If lotteries were to be awarded only through wages rather than through the lottery system, it would be unfair to those who take the lowest wages.Their number will decrease as visas are issued to them.The U.S.Chamber of Commerce has filed a lawsuit challenging Trump’s proposals, saying it would have an impact on the country’s economy.The court, which heard arguments from the Chamber of Commerce, gave the green signal to the lottery policy as usual, overturning Trump’s decision.

Indians are happy with the latest verdict given by the court.Because

Many of the companies in the United States employ mostly H-1B-based Indians, and companies there also place a high priority on immigrants from India.

Experts say Indians will not be harmed if Trump’s decision is implemented, but the latest court ruling will benefit many Indians.Immigrants are thankful to the Chamber of Commerce for their support.

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