‘us Equally Focused On N.korea As All Other Threats’ #equally #nkorea

‘US equally focused on N.Korea as all other threats’ #equally #NKorea

Washington, Jan 28 : The US is equally focused on dealing with the threat posed by North Korea just as it is with all other major security issues, US Department of Defence Press Secretary John Kirby has said.

 ‘us Equally Focused On N.korea As All Other Threats’ #equally #nkore-TeluguStop.com

North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles on Thursday, marking its sixth missile launch since the start of this month, Yonhap news agency reported.

“Just because right now one issue obviously is certainly capturing the attention of the world community doesn’t mean that we are not equally pursuing and focused on other threats and challenges to the country,” Kirby said in a press briefing.

“And certainly, we’re mindful of the destabilizing behavior by Pyongyang with respect to these recent tests,” he added when asked why the US was not paying more attention to the North Korean missile issue.


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