US California Hits Grim Milestone Of 10 Mn Confirmed Covid Cases

US California hits grim milestone of 10 million confirmed Covid cases

Los Angeles, Aug 6 : California hit another alarming landmark in the covid-19 epidemic when the state with the highest population in the US has recorded 10 million Confirmed cases as per data released by California state health authorities.
The Golden State, home to more than 40 million residents in the state, has reported the total of 10,024,326 coronavirus-related infections to this point as well with the deaths of 93,056 according to the California Department of Public Health was quoted by Xinhua news agency.

 Us California Hits Grim Milestone Of 10 Mn Confirmed Covid

There are 4,435 patients with Covid-19 in the hospital in the state with 505 in intensive care units, according to the department in an update on Friday.

About 79.9 percent of those in the state are immunised with at most one dose of Covid-19 the report revealed.

California was once the epicenter of the pandemic, has become the first state in the nation to exceed 5 million Coronavirus cases in December 2021.

The statewide numbers of transmission in California were in constant increase beginning at one of the lowest levels of the pandemic in the beginning of April, to the peak in mid-July , with one of the highest levels of the health crisis, as reported by The Sacramento Bee, the largest newspaper in the capital city of the state.

The increase was driven by subvariants of Omicron: BA.2 lineages at first that predominated new cases through spring.This was followed by BA.4 and BA.5 strains that took to the streets in the early summer, according to the report, noting that hospitalization and infection rates have been decreasing in recent weeks.

With California suffering another intense Coronavirus epidemic, the staggering growth of the BA.5 subvariant is the subject of research, with experts saying it could replicate much better than earlier versions of Omicron according to according to the Los Angeles Times reported last month.

If BA.5 continues to be the most predominant variant for a while, it could eventually help stabilize the current situation in California and then lead to a scenario in which there will be a decrease in cases according to Dr.Peter Chin-Hong, an expert in infectious diseases at the University of California San FranCisco was quoted by the most prestigious newspaper on the US West Coast.

The people are “taking more risks They’re moving about; they’re travelling,” Chin-Hong told the newspaper and added that “a number of people don’t wear masks in places that were once commonplace and there’s less pressure from peers to wear masks in areas that were once a norm.”

“There’s no doubt that the official count for the state is becoming increasingly regarded as an undercount with many positive home test results not being reported.However, maybe our more relaxed attitude to catching the most recent virus strains that are immune-evading but not as deadly of the virus play in part in how rapidly the number of cases increase,” said a report published on the web site of the California newspaper The Monterey Herald.

Public health officials in Los Angeles, the most populous county in the state and across the nation, announced on Friday in an announcement in the press that the city “remains at a high communal level” and urged residents to get fully vaccinated in order to boost protection against Covid-19.

The Los Angeles County’s Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer noted in a press release issued earlier this weekthat “As we continue to witness improvement in our health indicators however, we must still take every step to safeguard those who are most vulnerable, such as the elderly, immunocompromised and our key workers.”

“Given that transmission rates remain high, and that the variant currently in circulation is responsible for a number of infections, we advise everyone to be aware and to layer in safeguards, including testing prior to gathering, keeping away from other people who are sick and hiding in the indoors,” she added.

The county, which is home to more than 10 million residents has backed off from reinstituting an indoor mask requirement as the incidence of Covid-19 and the rate of hospitalizations stabilized.


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