Up: Dimple Yadav Downplays Possibility Of Aparna Being Pitted Against Her

UP: Dimple Yadav downplays possibility of Aparna being pitted against her

Lucknow, March 18 : Samajwadi Party MP Dimple Yadav on Monday downplayed the reports of her sister-in-law Aparna Yadav being a likely BJP candidate against her in Mainpuri constituency.

 Up: Dimple Yadav Downplays Possibility Of Aparna Being Pitted Against Her-TeluguStop.com

Reports of Aparna Yadav being fielded against Dimple started doing the rounds after she and her brother Aman Bisht met Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath two days ago in Lucknow.

“I am not aware of what transpired at the meeting.I am in my constituency and they (Aparna) have met (CM Yogi) before also so there is nothing new in it.I know that Samajwadi Party is contesting the elections with great strength and is getting people’s support and love,” she told reporters.

Referring to the Supreme Court’s action on electoral bonds, Dimple said: “If the Supreme Court continues to interfere in this way, then many things will fall in line which are now in disarray.If the Supreme Court had not interfered in the Chandigarh mayor’s election, things would have gone how the BJP planned it.It is not right to win the election in such a wrong way.

Asked about the JD-U response to the Election Commission regarding the electoral bonds that an envelope was left in our office and when it was opened, bonds worth Rs 10 crores were found in it, Dimple Yadav said: “This is a matter that concerns JD-U and the truth should come out regarding the electoral bond, be it the BJP government or any party which has taken donations.The question arises as to who came up with the system of electoral bond first?”

Replying to a question on Rahul Gandhi’s concern over EVMs, she said: “There is a lot of confusion among the people regarding EVMs.Many people have said that in the last elections, we had voted for this party but our vote has not come out, so there should be some kind of clarity even if the EVMs are correct.The village people want it, the city people want it, they want the elections to be done through ballot paper, everywhere the elections are being done through ballot paper only.

There is a feeling of doubt in the minds of the people.”



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