Ukraine Plane Crash – Did Iran Shoot Down?  

Ukraine plane crash killed all the 176 people on-board.The flight was carrying 167 passengers and 9 crew on-board was bound to Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.

Ukraine Plane Crash – Did Iran Shoot Down?-Iran Us War Plane In

The Boeing 737 passed all the checks before the flight and was just 3 years old according to officials.While Iran released a statement that it would share the black box of the crashed plane, a shocking video surfaced.

In the video released, one can see a missile hitting the alleged aircraft, that later crashed in Tehran, Iran’s capital.Before the video release, one of Iran’s ministers said, ‘the pilot was unsuccessful in controlling the flight after a fire was seen in the engine’.

Out of the 167 passengers, 67 were Canadian and 82 were Iranians.

It is learned that Canada and Ukraine are pressing into this issue, and have ordered for a criminal probe.

Meanwhile, the US released the statement that ‘at the time of the accident, Iran’s anti-aircraft systems were active.Most likely this was an accidental hit.

The missile is mostly a Russian built for the M1-Surface-to-air missile system’.

On the other end of the shore, Ukrainian officials are looking at all possible technical reasons for the crash.

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