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1)Identify Article Type and find related article tags (Like movie name,actor/actress name,director and other ) and add HashTags #Syra #Chiranjeevi #SyraReview 2)If Article is positive/supporting article then find article related people twitter id and add them for ex : if article is supporting chiranjeevi then find chiranjeevi and related twitter ids, fan twitter ids with high following.Example :ప్రపంచంలో ఏ హీరో చేయని పని చేయబోతున్న చిరంజీవి #Chiranjeevi @IamNiharikaK @IAmVarunTej @upasanakonidela @sushkonidela @ChiruFanClub @Chiru_FC @chiranjeeviblog #StarOfTheDecade #HeroOfTheDecade @AlwaysCharan_FC @TrendsRamCharan 3)If article is political article and supporting in favour of TDP/agianst YCP then find TDP related twitter ids with high following and tag them.TDP Supporting : @HaribabuTDP,@naralokesh, @VoteTDP,@telugudesm,@TDPoliticalWING

Janasena Supporting : @HaribabuTDP,@naralokesh, @VoteTDP,@telugudesm,@TDPoliticalWING

YCP Supporting : @HaribabuTDP,@naralokesh, @VoteTDP,@telugudesm,@TDPoliticalWING

BJP Supporting

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