Twitter Fed Up With Pawan Kalyan Repeat Story!  

Statements from politicians and celebrities undergo a lot of scrutiny from the media and the common public.With social-media, being rampant and powerful, scrutiny has only become more intense.

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Pawan Kalyan needs no introduction, and any statement from him is hot news for electronic media and social media.The actor-turned-politician went on to say multiple times, he is acting in films to support his family and others dependent on him.

Once again, the Janasena Chief spoke about the same.‘If I had to pay my bills, and my kid’s school fees, I need money.

I do not own any industries or factories.All that I know is acting and that is what I would be doing for a while to back my finances’, he said.

Twitter took a dig at Pawan Kalyan’s latest comments, and called him ‘attention seeker’.The section of supporters did their duty to keep the trolls away.

However, that did not stop others from taking a dig.‘How many times he wants to repeat the same thing? His own supporters too did not welcome the move.He wants everyone to support his ‘change of mind’, and that will never happen’, said a Twitter user, who claims himself as a diehard fan of Pawan Kalyan.