President Trump Gives Thanks To Coronavirus Vaccine  

The National Turkey Federation presented the White House with two birds, Corn, and Cob.Corn was declared the national Thanksgiving turkey, though both will retire to a new home on the campus of Iowa State University. - President Trump Gives Thanks To Coronavirus Vaccine

It is not the first time the typically light-hearted turkey pardon ceremony has taken place in a tense time for the nation.This time, the ceremony came amid a global pandemic, and as Mr.Trump refuses to concede he lost his re-election bid.

In his remarks, Mr.Trump cited the vaccines that could soon receive emergency approval from US regulators.

We give thanks for the vaccines and therapies that will soon end the pandemic,” Mr.Trump said at one point.He did not refer to the recent surge in confirmed Covid-19 cases in many parts of the country.

The turkey pardon ceremony came just a few hours after president-elect Joe Biden announced his national security team and emphasized the need to work with allies.


Trump worked into his remarks a familiar refrain of his presidency: “America first – shouldn’t go away from that,” he said.

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