TRS Minister Srinivas Goud Golden Bracelet Stolen! #Selfie Gola  

On seeing a movie celebrity or a politician at a public event, the crowd throngs in a bid to take a selfie.Irrespective of the popularity of the figure, large people gather around him/her.

Trs Minister Srinivas Goud Golden Bracelet Stolen! #selfie Gola

Though few celebrities and politicians feel uncomfortable, many enjoy the attention.The same happened after TRS Minister Srinivas Goud attended a marriage on a personal note.

It did not take long for the crowd to notice the minister and surround him.Amidst all the hungama and drama unfolding, TRS Minister Srinivas Goud was shocked to see his golden bracelet missing.

He was furious at his security personnel and demanded stringent action if they do not find his golden bracelet in time.

‘The golden bracelet is very sentimental for TRS Minister Srinivas Goud.

We have seen it to his from the time we know him.Unfortunately, this incident took place’, said a close aide of the minister.

Not every time attention is good when you are in public.Minister Saab better watch out for these kinds of incidents.

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