TPCC Revanth Reddy Press Meet At Delhi Revanth Reddy KCR

TPCC Revanth Reddy Press Meet at Delhi Revanth Reddy KCR

TPCC chief Revanth Reddy said that Prime Minister Modi had increased partiality against the farmers.He said no one would benefit from the budget introduced by the Center.

 Tpcc Revanth Reddy Press Meet At Delhi Revanth Reddy

Revanth held a press meet at Telangana Bhavan in New Delhi.

‘This is a budget that is of no use to farmers, youth and women.

Modi took revenge on the farmers who forced him to withdraw the black laws.That is why the subsidy on fertilizers has been reduced.

Funds have been reduced for the purchase of paddy and wheat.A cut of Rs 25,000 crore has been imposed on the employment scheme.

The people of the country are panicking over the abolition of banknotes, GST and black laws and are committing suicide as they have no protection under the Modi government.Farmers thought that Modi would give a minimum price for their crops.

If we want to increase the income of the farmers .the investment costs of the farmers have increased.No attempt was made to reduce the GST of small traders.Employees are not taxed.

It would not even do that if it wanted to allocate huge funds for corona control.He showed a stubborn hand to the youth and farmers without raising funds for education and agriculture.

In the end, the costs really figure out to be the same for salon and regular retail products, “said Revanth.

Revanth said that if the CM sees the KCR press meet on the budget speech, it will be funny.

‘He seems to be drinking drugged stones at yesterday’s meeting and talking.Did not speak as a responsible CM.There was no talk of separation law issues, coach factory, tribal university, NTPC unit, railway lines, national highways.We hope to declare war on Modi.

Nirmala Sitharaman, KCR spoke badly and disgustingly about Modi.Spoke of repealing the Constitution.

KCR seems to have spoken the words of the BJP to change the constitution for the landlords and the upper castes.There is a possibility of amending the constitution.

An attempt should be made to benefit the Dalits and weaker sections through constitutional amendment.The BJP conspiracy is to change the constitution.KCR sang for BJP conspiracy.The BJP has been conspiring for years to repeal the Constitution.The issue of repealing the constitution was brought before the screen before KCR.BJP supports conspiracy to repeal the constitution .KCR said.KCR Dishti dolls should be burnt in front of Ambedkar statue in all district and mandal centers.

We will hold protests in Gandhi Bhavan for two days to withdraw the idea of ​​abolishing the KCR Constitution.If the idea of ​​repealing the constitution is not withdrawn .the youth of the country will bite the tongue of KCR.KCR is thinking of winning the BJP in UP.KCR, Asaduddin Owaisi Supari Gang.Supari took over to win the BJP in the UP elections.MIM will compete to snatch votes.Modi’s victory and the abolition of the Constitution are the main factors.As the Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR spoke obscene language.We condemn the KCR language.

We oppose BJP in ideology and KCR in terms of language.If the Chief Minister speaks vulgarly to the Prime Minister .What is the reputation of Telangana? Indian culture is a culture that respects women.The KCR language is not forgiven by the member community.KCR must answer to whom it speaks.The Congress party is doing good to the people of the country and the people of the state.

Revanth said it was only possible with the Congress to implement the partition guarantees.

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