Top Telugu stars Remuneration and Market value     2017-10-29   02:09:05  IST  Raghu V

1) Pawan Kalyan :

Remuneration : 25-27 cr
Market Value of a film: 150cr – 170cr

Although there should be no hesitation in placing Pawan Kalyan as the top contender for the No.1 position, respecting his seniority, we are following an order. Despite two flops and no big success after Attharinitki Daaredi, the star still holds a great market value. Probably, he is the biggest after Rajamouli and Chiranjeevi in Telugu states. He is the biggest competitor for Mahesh Babu in overseas and also in worldwide market value (theatricals + satellite).

2) Mahesh Babu :

Remuneration – 25cr
Market value of a film: 150cr-170cr

Right from Pokiri, Mahesh Babu has always been the most paid actor in Tollywood. However, the streak ended after Spyder. He is now either sharing the tag with Pawan Kalyan or he stands second. Despite a weak trade like ceded, Mahesh Babu still pulls huge business in Telugu states. He is the second to Pawan Kalyan in Telugu states but effortlessly dominates everyone in all trade areas outside Telugu states. Of course, the king of overseas.

3) NTR :
Remuneration – 20cr
Market value of a film: 100cr-120cr

Currently, the actor is in his career-best phase. It’s been a long time since NTR delivered a flop film. The rise of the actor since Temper is tremendous. He is arguably the biggest crowd puller in the ceded trade area. When it comes to B,C centers, he is second to none. Deserves the tag “King of mass”. The young tiger is currently charging 20cr per film.