Top 8 Beaches Where Nudity Is Legal  

8) Wreck Beach – Canada :

This is the first beach in Canada to be made cloth free.This is the largest nudity beach in North America and is named after Wrecked Vessel.

Top 8 Beaches Where Nudity Is Legal-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Clothing is optional.Your can either visit on clothes or without.

7) Valalata – Croatia :

This beach was opened in late 1960’s.It is situated near Adriatic sea occupying nearly 2 miles.It is surrounded by beautiful olive trees.

6) Cap c’Adge – France :

The land of fashion is also the land of nudity and beauty.Although Cap c’Adge is located in a very small town of south France, the beach is visited by wide variety of people from different countries and all naked.

5) Little Beach, Maui – USA :

Nudity is not legal hear.Yes, you heard it right.But you won’t get arrested for going nude either.Nudity is tolerated here.

4) Hidden Beach – Mexico :

There are too many big hotels and suits around this beach.So, you have got an idea that mostly rich people visit this beach.It’s a full nude beach and all frontal nudity is allowed here.There are no restrictions imposed on nudity.

3) Plakias Beach – Germany :

This cool and calm beach is 1.5 kilometers long.Well known for the scenary it is surrounded by, the beach also offers wild things for the boozers.It’s a nudity friendly beach.

2) Haulover Beach – USA :

You may find this really awkward and unacceptable but people come to Haulover beach to bath all naked.Guess what? Over 1 million visitors come to this beach for the wild bath.

1) Massarandupio Beach – Brazil :

This is considered as one of the best nudity beaches in the world.Probably, one of the longest too.It is 12 kilometres long.It is one of the most visited too.Full frontal nudity is what you see with everyone in this beach.