Top 5 $ex Positions For Tall Men And Short Women  

* X marks the spot :

Let the girl lie on the back and straight up her legs in air by a cross at knees or ankles.Better to lie down on a table.

Now that man has to stand in front of the table and start penetrating.The man should balance her legs on his shoulders.

Top 5 $ex Positions For Tall Men And Short Women-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

This position is easy to perform for the man.Girl should have a strong back.For good support, she should sleep on a pillow.

* Modified Doggy style :

It’s very much similar to the traditional doggy style position.There needs a small modification, which is either moving forward either flat on stomach or to elbows.This is a difficult position to be in.Prefer it last.

* Woman on top :

Man should lie down and woman should get top of him.She should take control and start riding on the penis.It’s very much easy and most comfortable position for long men.

* Spooning :

Both man and woman should lie on thier sides, man behind woman.Girl should attach her back to the lap of man.He should start penetrating from the behind.

* The bridge :

Probably the toughest in the list.Woman should lie down and lift her entire second half and place the butt on the lap of the man who is kneeling down.Start penetrating now.

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