Top 5 Amazing Health Tricks That You Won’t Deny Following

It’s not like that you have to indulge into stressful physical activities to stay healthy.In fact, just by applying a few quick moves or tricks like drinking more water or eating green apples can relax some infirmities today and take care of your brain, heart and whole body tomorrow.Let’s have a look at more of such tricks!

#1.Doze on your left side

Do you know about 80% of heartburn victims experience symptoms at night? Have a good night’s sleep by taking two pillows instead of one.According to an Internal Medicine study, a person who upheld their heads around 11 inches reduced their symptoms vividly.Moreover, try to sleep on your left side, and your heartburn risks will cut into half because dozing on your left side without squishing the right side increases the blood flow back to your heart.

 Top 5 Amazing Health Tricks That You Won’t Deny

#2.Add more ice to sweet drinks

If soda (a significant contributor to obesity) is your favorite drink, and you can’t give it up then, try this trick to reduce the effect of all that sugar and phosphoric acid you are consuming.Take a large glass, as big as you can, load it with ice, and then gush it with your favorite soda.

This way it will last longer, and once you finish it, you will have an ample of hydrating water as well in your stomach.This works with any sugary drink like juices and other aerated drinks.Isn’t it great?

 Top 5 Amazing Health Tricks That You Won’t Deny Following-Telugu Health-Telugu Tollywood Photo

#3.Sniff an apple to stop a migraine

You must now be thinking of the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Recent studies have shown that apples may have some ‘special’ health benefits too.As per the survey of The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, the essence of green apple helps in reducing the brutality of migraines.This is an important research because if a mere smell can help prevent something so serious as a migraine, imagine all the possibilities we are on the brim of uncovering.

#4.Wash your hands after receiving cash

Hygiene tests have shown that cash machines are as dirty and host the same germs as public toilets.Some scientists have done a survey around the UK and found that the ATMs are severely contaminated with bacteria, and some were even known to cause sickness and diarrhea.

So, next time you are going to the ATM, make sure you carry a sanitizer too.

#5.Take 6 small soothing breaths

According to one Japanese research, you can lower your systolic blood pressure by about 10mmHg just by taking 6 little calming breaths.As per a study in the Lancet, even infrequent blood pressure thorns like those during an insanely uninterrupted day might put a person at increased risk of stroke.

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