Top 10 Bad Habits Youth Should Avoid For A Better Life  

Bad habits are a big part of our life while being imperative to our health and exceptionally to our future.Each one of us when we grow up we starts to think and maybe all of us regret the things we did back when we were young because the consequences began to show up one by one later in our life.

And someone has to deal with all of that on a daily basis.But more important than this is that we quit our bad habits and moved over to the adult’s world while being perfectly ready for this ‘cruel’ part of our life.

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Don’t close your eye, hear the truth and only the truth and start quitting your bad habits step by step if you want to achieve greater success be it in your work, family, relationships, anything.See our list of 10 bad habits that youth should avoid for a better life.


You may think that if you attend a party and if you don’t accept to get hammered then you’re not cool.What is more important, ‘looking cool’ at a party with some people you don’t know or having a big future ahead? You may want to cut down all those parties, speaking from experience, and dedicate more time to your goals in life.And moreover alcohol was more fun when it was +18, now it’s not even considered as cool.

You might be even seen as a low-life person who has nothing better to do from a part of the society.So think about all the impact it will have on your life and health and start losing that big beer belly!


As far as you’re concerned this is one of the worst habits a young guy/girl can have.And it has become quite popular too.

Do you know how many people get lung cancer every day from cigarettes? If you have some goals in your life, stop smoking.It will affect your family and friends.

Some of your friends might even leave as time goes by, no one wants a heavy smoker a part of their company.Ask yourself, why am I smoking? And the reason will pretty much be like: to look cool, a friend advised me to try it, etc., and neither one justifies your need to smoke.Think about quitting right now, through your last pack of cigarettes away.


And the worst of them all on the list and possibly everywhere on earth, ladies and gents: drugs.The ones you should always avoid, I repeat always.People nowadays have fallen prey and got addicted to living this kind of life.

If you want to ruin your life forever, go on.Have you ever heard of a lucky person that took drugs? No, you didn’t, because they all messed up their lives, and died.Drugs will mess up your life, your career, education, and your relationships with family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend and basically everything and everyone you know.And most importantly it will ruin your health day by day, till there is nothing more to destroy.

Do you want that kind of life for yourself?! Think about it.

#4.Premarital and unprotected sex

There is an enormous number of aborts around the world that we can bear in mind, the last thing you want to do is to end a little being’s life.Then think about all the sexually transmitted diseases that can mess with your health.

Premarital sex is also considered a sin in a lot of communities because it is known to bring exactly these kinds of problems to the community.

#5.Social media 24/7

While the internet has taken over the world since quite some time now, you should know how much time to spend on it and how to use it properly.Staying on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram all day long just scrolling down won’t give you any benefits.

You will be passive and have a tendency to postpone all your important duties for a better future.Try using the internet for your own good, to learn something new for example and cut down the hours you use it.

It will later have an impact on your social life.

#6.Junk food

Since everybody today is trying to live a fast life, most of us love fast foods exactly for this point, the fast delivery.But do we know how our health complies with this kind of food? Not very well! Try avoiding junk food as much as possible, if you want to have a healthier life in the future.

#7.Money control

Parents make money and kids spend them, is that the only explanation? Will you do that for your children when you get into the adult’s world? You have to get some money control; it will benefit you in the future so that you won’t have your bank balance zero at all times.Try to get only the things you need!

#8.Online/Video games

Yeah we know games are fun, but they won’t be so fun after a few years when you realize you spend all that time especially on violent video games when you could’ve work towards your dream.You not only lost time, but you may be socially awkward from dealing all the time with the virtual world.

#9.No sleep control

Sleeping all day long and staying up all night is not the best way to having a better life.The lack of good sleeping will manifest in stress and anxiety.

Consider taking a 7 or 8 hours of good sleep every night and have a more productive day.

#10.Addiction to porn

One of the other bad habits a lot of youngsters have is watching a lot of porn.Cut down some of these videos, because to be honest we all know they’re all fake and can’t help you towards a better life.


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